Laying Low

I saw the plastic surgeon on Tuesday and he aspirated fluid that had built up around the surgery site. I can now take a deep breath without pain. He told me to do no activity at all. The more activity, the more fluid build up.

I have been feeling wiped out ever since. Pete and I got home and I went to bed. I could finally lay flat and rest without pain. I have been sleeping (or trying to sleep) in a recliner which I don’t do all that well with.

I will see the doctor again next week, but if I get more build up again, which it sort of feels like it is, I may need to go in sooner to have him aspirate the fluid again. He said the last resort would be to go back into surgery, remove the implant and clean it up, but he didn’t recommend it. I don’t want to do that either.

So I have been trying to do nothing, and have been letting my clients know that I am not well at the moment. I have had to turn work away and even cancel a couple already set up jobs.

Everyone has been very understanding which helps. I do hope I heal quickly. I am so tired of feeling ill. I still fight trying to keep my temperature down. It wants to spike from time to time again. I have people praying for me everywhere. It really helps to know that others are holding me up. God is my strength and provider. So I need to just rest and really do nothing.


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    • I have gotten bad about keeping up with my journal. I am finally better, but I am still fatigued after activities. I am finally past the infection after two rounds of the wrong antibiotics and then two rounds of the right ones. It really knocked me for a loop. I had to put my dog walking clients on hold, because it was more than I could do. The more activity causes fluid build up and I have had two times that the doctor has aspirated fluid from around the surgical site.

      I had thought this was going to be a quick recovery, only to get a post surgical infection and recovery being delayed. My clients have been very understanding. I am glad I got involved in a Pet Sitter’s Networking group, so I referred out in the meantime, so I could recover. I am now back to working with pet sitting/house sitting, but I have been upfront with the clients and told them I can not walk the dogs for a couple more weeks. Pete helps me when he is off, otherwise the pups don’t get their walks. I just feed them, visit, clean their poop, and throw the toys or not. I have been doing the kitties and they are work, but not with the walking at least. I will resume the dog walking after Christmas. I hope I will be strong enough after that.

      I am disappointed we didn’t connect while you were here, but I was too fatigued to do more than I was already doing. I wasn’t contagious to anyone else, but I was not up to a whole lot. Perhaps we can connect next time round. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your Christmas will be stress free with happy times with family and friends.

      Pete and I will be going to Phoenix for Christmas since we didn’t last year and will enjoy family and get to know the twins (boy and a girl) that Pete’s niece had last year. They will be one year old in January, and I think they are the cutest babies in the world!

      Many blessings to you two. Love, Dianne and Pete

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