Overdue For An Update-February Already!

I have gotten really bad about blogging. Maybe it is because I want this part of my journey to be completely done with and maybe not blogging will make it go away. Not! Ha.

The last time I blogged, I had gotten a post-operative infection. I was so terribly ill. I even had asked Pete if something were to happen, would he know where my client’s phone numbers were because he would have to call them. Pretty bad. At 103.6 degrees, I wasn’t thinking right. I wasn’t in fear or anything, but with how sick I felt, I was thinking anything could be possible.

Anyway, I am over all the infection, although it took a bit of time to get past the fatigue. That was pretty intense. Absolutely everything fatigued me, and I was especially out of shape because the surgeon had told me that even walking would increase the fluid build up, so I was really laid up for a while. I found even when I did try to walk a little, I felt like I was going to fall with weak legs. Thank God I am past that.

A week before Christmas, I did feel well enough to go for a short trip to Phoenix to visit family and see our niece’s twin babies. When we got there, they said they all had the flu including the twins. I thought, great! I don’t need to get the flu after being so ill, so I thought the Christmas Eve dinner party and Christmas Day family dinner would both be cancelled and we would only see Pete’s mom. We were staying at her house and the parties were going to be at Pete’s brother’s house where all the sickies were. The day before Christmas Eve, our other niece said everyone was over it and dinner was on!!! So we went over and had Christmas cheer and fun the two days, and then Cass, Pete’s mom got the flu really bad. Pete got it the next day, and I was taking care of everyone. We couldn’t go see the babies the rest of the time. I was bummed. Then I was nauseated after everyone else, but I didn’t actually get it as bad. The good thing actually was (in an odd way) if we hadn’t have been there at Christmas, Pete’s mom would have been ill by herself and she got really bad. There was actually a point where I thought she needed to go to the emergency room. She got severely dehydrated. So I took care of her to make sure she was hydrated and Pete too.

The Monday after we returned from Phoenix, I started back with my walking assignments in my pet service for the first time since surgery. My body ached so bad, I thought it was abnormal, but I hadn’t done anything in so long, I really was so out of shape. I even made an appointment with my Oncologist to make sure it wasn’t from the medication I am taking. The pain I had is a side effect actually. Although I have been fine so far until now, so we both determined it was just from being so ill, I was out of shape.

And so that was it. I am better since then and have been in less pain as I have been building myself back up with walking and such. I tried to get back into lifting weights, but it caused too much swelling. My body wasn’t quite ready yet.

I saw my surgeon on January 7, and he told me that I was very tight and had adhesions, but he could remove them with a simple surgery in the future. He said for the time being, I am still healing, so we would address that issue later. I am thinking in my head, “ANOTHER SURGERY!!!!” I so want to be done with surgeries if you know what I mean. Anyway, I talked to a therapist friend of mine and she does deep massage to break up scar tissue, so I got an order for that so I can at least try something non invasive before I have to face another surgery. I am also thinking in my head that if I am prone to adhesions from surgery, wouldn’t I still get adhesions from this surgery? Hummmm……. Sounds like an never ending saga to me.

Anyway, I am going to try this and see what happens. I have to maintain stretching and massage and staying active to get stronger and break up the scar tissue. I started last week with physical therapy for the deep massage on February 3rd. I am still swollen at my surgery site and yesterday the therapist thought that there is fluid that is still lingering. Since I have never been through all this before, I wasn’t sure it was normal or not and just figured this is how it looks and feels. Apparently it is not normal. I made an appointment with the surgeon for tomorrow and I will see if maybe there is something else to relieve the swelling. It is taking its merry time in going away. The therapist recommended a compression vest to facilitate the fluid away from the area. She made a copy for me to take to the doctor to let him decide if that is the appropriate thing to help. Oh boy, more orthopedic gear!


Overdue For An Update-February Already! — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Dianne and Pete,

    Glad to hear there is progress, even though it is slow. Must feel great to be out and about doing the things you used to do. Your Christmas trip perhaps did not turn out as you had hoped, but, like you said, at least you were there to see the twins a bit, and be there to take care of Pete’s mom when she got sick. You were in the right place, at the right time.
    We will keep you both in our prayers.
    Take care!
    Mary and Mike

  2. Hi Mary,
    I am doing better all the time. I finally took time this morning to update my journal. I have been so busy with my business, I was spinning. Ha. Hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for inquiring. It made me remember to post something. Dianne

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