Not Well

It is November 18th, and it has been a bumpy ride since my surgery back on October 21st. I had been excited to finally get my reconstructive surgery down and put this part of my life behind me.

Well, it hasn’t worked out that way. I had been struggling with an elevated temperature since the drain was removed, so I went to see my surgeon on Thursday afternoon, for him to check out my surgery sites, and he said everything looked good. So I had to assume it was a virus of which is going around. He told me to go to my general practitioner if my fever was not resolved.

I decided that this fever has gone on long enough, and even if it was just a virus I wanted to have an appointment in place just in case. I was having continued pain and it felt like swelling in the inside. It hurts my chest to inhale.

The last weekend I have struggled with a temperature that wouldn’t go away, and by the time Sunday hit, I was violently shaking and my temperature sky rocketed to over 103.4. I called the doctor on-call and she recommended alternating Tylenol every four hours with Ibuprofen every four hours which made it every two hours taking something. Wow! It did the trick and broke the high fever. I was soaking wet, but at least the fever broke.

The bad thing was, my surgery site is swollen, angry red, and hot to touch. When I slacked off the Tylenol and Ibuprofen my temperature wants to spike again.

Finally, the surgeon got the picture when I called his office this morning (Monday). He was in surgery all day, so I made an appointment to see him again in the morning at 9 am. Two super-strong antibiotics and laboratory work ordered. I cancelled today’s appointment with the Physician’s Assistant at my general practitioner’s office because she would have told me to see my surgeon anyway; because by now it is pretty obvious that it is the surgery site that is the culprit. I hope after all of this, I will finally be well and I really hope that the infection doesn’t destroy the surgery that I had done. Redoing this type of surgery isn’t as pretty as the first go around.

I haven’t been to church since I had my surgery and with the struggle of the high temperature and pain, I hadn’t seen many people much. Sunday afternoon several of my church family came by to pray for me, so it was very nice to see everyone. We are very thankful for everyone’s prayers. God is my strength in all of this and all I can do is rest in Him.

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