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I have totally forgotten about blogging. It just doesn’t come to mind since I am so busy managing my pet service business. I never would have thought I would be so successful. I think that is a blessing with all I had gone through in the last 3 years. Who would have thought that taking care of pets would be such a busy and fulfilling employment. And the incredible thing is, it is my own business! I never thought I would be a success at having my own business.The animals love me and what is wonderful, the clients love me. If you love someone’s pet, you are their hero.

My support group friends had all sort of lost track for a while, but we started making a commitment to get together once a month and have a little dinner and see where everyone is at with their survival and even treatment issues. It is still important to share what is going on, because once you have been through this sort of journey, it is good to learn and share with one another what is still normal changes. And changes do occur. It so helps to know that what you continue to experience, is still part of the effects of chemo, radiation and long term emotional issues, and it is good to air them out with those that are on this side of the recovery journey. There are some life long changes that do occur, and to be able to discuss them helps me and the others to be able to embrace it, and learn how to manage it.

It is good to see where everyone is at in their life, and how we have returned to life albeit, a new definition of life. Things are not the same and never will be. There is always the issue that cancer can come back, but we are always looking for a healthier way of living and loving one another.

What a special group of women I have connected to, and I think because of what we have been though, we will always be connected. I am blessed to have made some new forever friends, and we will hopefully learn to help others in this journey.

I am well, but I still get frustrated that I have to have the Zometa infusions every six months. I want to be done with it, but my doctor feels it is needed for my continued treatments. I have found that each time I have it, I have an accumulated increase of symptoms that get worse every time. I was so sick from it the last time, it had lasted about a week and a half. I am so hoping that the doctor will say on the next visit that I do not need it anymore. PLEASE! I wonder sometimes if it is to line her pockets more than a health benefit for me. I know that sounds awful, but she won’t take the time to talk to me anymore, so I can not help feeling that way.

Last month, Pete’s brother died and we got the news the day after I had my infusion, so I arranged for covering for my clients and off we went to Phoenix to go be with grieving family and the memorial. The side effects of the medication hit while we were there and I was bed ridden. Talk about awful! I am so ready to be done with all this. After the effects wear off, I am just fine until the next infusion in six months. Fun, fun.

I find even after three years out from the chemo treatments, I have bouts of confusion and am very aware that my brain does not function the same. I have had to work on ways to run my business and have documented systems to make it work better for me, so I don’t have panic attacks because I can not remember, or make my brain work the same. Talking with my support friends, I have found this is very common with the journey we have gone through.

I can say happily, that I have figured out several check points and monitoring systems to help me. It has been an evolving process, but I suppose even in the best situations, having a business would be anyway. Maybe this is the norm.

Within this last year, several of my church friends who have had breast cancer, have all had episodes of it coming back and have had to have repeat surgeries. I am so praying that it will not happen to me. I am being compliant with the maintenance treatment to make sure I will not have a repeat issue. We do the best we can.

Anyway, that is my update, and on the whole I am doing well. I am healthier than I have ever been and maintaining a good weight and very physically active. Others tell me I inspire them, so that is encouraging to hear. I hope to always be an encouragement to others.

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