Surgery Coming Up

It has been a while since I wrote in my journal. It has been a busy time. Pete and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary on October 4th, and went up to Pacific Grove for the weekend at a favorite Bed & Breakfast we like there. It was nice to get away. We haven’t been able to get away because summer was the busiest time for me with my pet service. Who would have known that I would be so successful? On our anniversary trip it was warm and actually perfect for a short vacation.

My reconstructive surgery is scheduled for October 21st which is on a Monday. I am going to take three weeks off to recover, so I had let my regular clients know ahead of time to get coverage for their pets while I am gone. I gave them the web site for the pet sitter’s networking that Pete and I joined. I am so glad I got into the networking because it has been helpful when I can’t do a job, I can feel confident in recommending others to do the job.

I am actually excited to have my surgery because I feel like it is a symbol of the end of this season and the beginning of a new season. Granted I am still being treated with medication for breast cancer and will be for the next five years. I am also getting an infusion every six months for counteracting the bone density loss side effect from the oral medication.

My surgery will involve the removal of the expander in my right breast and a gel implant will replace it. It is the new product that is out and is nick named “gummy bear”. It is supposed to be the latest thing. Then the plastic surgeon will create a new nipple and give my left breast a lift. It sags and all though that is normal, because the right breast will have the implant, the difference is rather noticeable. At least to me. I will also be having my medi-port removed finally. It is not an attractive bump on my chest. It has been used for the infusion in the mean time. It will be used for the very last time next Wednesday for my Zometa intravenous infusion. After that, the infusion will be in my regular veins. It will be so nice to not have that anymore. I will have a drain for a couple of days and then will be removed.

I believe the surgery will be much easier and less painful than the mastectomy and all. I am sure there will be some pain, but from hearing the recovery from my other friends, it doesn’t last long at all. I am going to have to really force myself to rest and not jump the gun by returning to work too soon. It will go fast I am sure.


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