Not a Smooth Recovery

I was anticipating that it was going to be less painful after the drain came out and I would be gradually increasing my activity. I ended up with a slight complication instead.

After I had my drain removed on Wednesday, November 6, I the doctor had told me to gradually increase my activity so as not to cause the fluid build up again. I was still hurting, but I figured it would settle down as the day got going.

I had a dog client (Bert) dropped off for a day stay since the owner was going to be going to a concert in the evening and not even come home after work, and Bert was welcomed to stay and enjoy a visit with me. He is a good fellow.

In the evening even before Pete took Bert home, I was getting increasing pain, not less! So I needed to take a pain pill before bedtime. The next morning when I woke up, I was having even worse pain and I was hurting all over my body as well. I got up and fixed Peter’s sandwich, did a couple of things on the computer and chatted with Pete’s mom on Skype. I told her I was really stiff and hurting more than I expected. Then I returned to bed because I really wasn’t feeling well. When I woke from my brief nap, I really felt worse, looked in the mirror and noticed how red I looked and warm I felt. I took my temperature and discovered that it was 101.4. I thought, “no wonder I feel awful”. I called the surgeon’s office, and they called in an RX for a broad spectrum antibiotic.

I do hope it knocks it out of me and that the surgery site will become less red and sore. If it does get worse, I am to call the doctor–which is tricky since we are now entered into a three day weekend holiday for Veteran’s Day. I am sure there are doctor’s on call, but I hope it won’t come to that. If there is more swelling that does occur, it would mean a needle aspiration of the fluid build up. Fun, fun. Hopefully the antibiotic will stop the inflammation quickly.

This morning my temperature is 99.5, and the pain is less, but not gone. I will need to make sure I still rest and not rush into anything. My plan was to start back with my walking clients, and the month is filling up with pet sitting situations. I need to be well for that! So this will be a laid back weekend and the focus on getting well and rested.


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