Drain Out!

clogged-drainToday I went to the plastic surgeon and the assistant took the drain out finally! It was hurting me so much last night that even with pain medicine and a sleeping medication, I still couldn’t sleep. But now that it is out, it does feel so much better. It is still sore of course, but not the at the point that I need to take something.

The doctor told me that sometime people still drain and swelling occurs, so if I get swelling, I would need to go in and probably have it aspirated. He told me to increase my activity gradually. When I do walk with the dogs, I need to have a supportive sport bra on. No under wires yet of course.

So I still need to be careful and not overdo it. I was so fatigued today anyway. I didn’t do much but read. Although I did walk Bert (dog client) for a short walk. I didn’t sleep well last night because the drain was hurting and even though I took a pain pill and something to help me sleep, I was uncomfortable. Today it made me feel draggy, so I just laid low. I was going to start on projects, but I was too fatigued. I napped and read a good book and even sat out in the sun for a little bit.

walkies300My client dropped Bert off just before 11 am with his treats and food. She was working all day, and then staying in town for a concert, so I get Bert for the evening. She probably won’t be home until after 10 pm, so I will have Pete drop him off. We did have a short walk, and he was sort of limping some, so just as well it wasn’t a long walk especially since I haven’t been doing much while the drain was in.

So happy that the drain is out. I will have to really monitor myself that I don’t overdo it and make the surgery site swell. It is looking really good. All the surgery sites (four of them). I am very happy with my plastic surgeon. Can’t even tell that it is a fake breast, which that is great. I still have some discomfort, but that is to be expected after such a surgery. I am not going to go paddling anytime soon, let my body recover and get strong. I know I will sleep better tonight.

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